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The intention at Terabyte Websites is to take all the technology clutter out of your plate and insulate you from the back-end problems. You focus on what you deliver in your business, I will work with you to imagine, design and bring it to life on the website.

Corporate Websites

Al Arkan Holding Company LLC

A Muscat based company composed of subsidiaries diversified into Oil & Gas, Energy, Manufacturing, Trading, Financial Services, Construction, Agencies, Hospitality, and Consultancy. 

Nobila Energy



ADASCO, established in  the  Sultanate of  Oman  in  2002, is a member of Al Arkan Holding Oman.

Trusted !nfo

Platform supports various types of credentials verification customized to client needs, flexibly integrating with variety of IT systems

Sunshine Au Pair

Sunshine Au Pair is a recognized au-pair agency of the Dutch Immigration Office and offers service throughout the whole of The Netherlands.

Ayurvedic Center

A Website created for a Ayurvedic Practitioner and Therapist in Europe. It is developed as a multilingual website, in English and French.

API Holding Group

API Holding Group is an international enterprise who work in Africa with headquarters in Dubai.


SUJOODeasy is an aid to pray comfortably, without feeling knee pain. For Salah, and even for meditation. No need for chairs anymore!

NGO Websites


Prajñādhara’s twin aims are to create inclusive spaces that celebrate neurodiversity by certifying students in Arts Practices for Inclusion (API) and Study of the Mind.

Siddhatha's Intent (India)

Siddhartha’s Intent (SI) is an international collective of Buddhist groups that began in Australia in 1986 with the formation of Siddhartha’s Intent Southern Door


ODEPA, an association serving the African continent, fulfills the role of promoter of all African countries so that they can compete with the developed countries


A website to highlight and detail the initiatives that look at interventions, methodologies and practices using the Arts to build empathetic communities and to create an inclusive society

Untitled Arts

Untitled Arts Foundation is a NGO, currently engaged in work with children in Urban and Rural India, skill & craft development programs for theater practitioners.

Snehadhara Foundation

Snehadhara Foundation is a registered NGO based in Bangalore.It is the only organisation in the country that works using Arts Based Therapy as a primary methodology in working with children and adults with disabilities.

Misc Websites

Key To Perfect Health

Keytoperfecthealth is a one stop solution to your health queries, home remedies, natural skin care solutions, nutritional and lifestyle advice, homoeopathic treatment and more.

Piazza on the Move!

Piazza on the Move is a non-profit, global travel magazine, seeking to curate stories around the world, on a single platform. It caters mainly to teenagers.

People Voice News

People Voice News is a news blog based website that delas with politics and news from all over India

Santhipriya Pages

Blog based website that showcases over 1400 articles, divided into two subdomains based on Sprituality and Printing, in Tamil and English. Maintained by N.R.Jayaraman, who uses the pen-name Santhipriya