Helping you is my Privilege

While there are thousands of web designers out there who can build websites, I have also been actively associated with NGO’s and understand the pulse and needs of NGO’s very intimately.

Building and hosting a NGO website is a privilege for me, it is not just a new business. That is why I offer deep discounts on my list prices for all NGO Websites. And I will take care of everything end to end for you so that you do not have to understand or deal with technology at all.

Special Offer for NGO’s

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The NGO landscape is changing today and the scrutiny is increasing from both the government and corporate side. A website helps donors, partners and potential employees to verify the work done by the NGO and present the work being done in a way that serves as both a validation and advertisement.


A well designed modern can help bring in instant credibility to the visitors. It also contributes to making your organisation look more professional when applying for corporate grants and gives donors and partners a place where they can go to find more information about your organisation.


When someone searches about the work you do, how do you ensure that Google shows your website in the results? Over 60% of NGO websites are created using such insecure software that google simply does not rank them well.

This needs to change, your website has to be SEO complaint so that people can find you online 24/7.



NGO’s often make a variety of beautiful and practical hand made items, but unless you can market and sell them to the outside world, you will be forever limited to a small local market of people who walk into your center.

A Online market place where you can easily sell your products is a great way to get more sales and donations to your NGO.


Gmail is not Okay

Most NGO’s do not realize that a gmail address for contact is the first sign of trouble for a potential donor. It clearly communicates that the NGO is not serious about its identity and raises a red flag that this could simple be one of the thousand scams in the internet. It is very important that your contact and donor emails are from the same domain as your website, it conveys your intent, it is more secure and it helps create an digital identity for the NGO.


If you get a website done from the vendor who quoted the cheapest price, there is a good chance that the software and theme that is running your website is pirated. This opens up a lot of possibility for the website and emails to be hacked and your name misused at some point in time. You need to ensure that your accounts, websites and software are legal, your digital footprint should be clean.