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Why is creating a website difficult ?

On the face of it, websites should be easy to make. After all, they are just a collection of Text, Colors and Images. But technology has evolved and your customers expect nothing but the best from your website. The websites have to render in a correct format irrespective of whether it is being shown on a computer, Mobile or a tablet.

And when all of this is finally up and running, we need to ensure that things are backed up so that one mistake does not blow up the website. And there are also schedules to track, the domains and platform have to be renewed on time evey year so that you do not lose your website and domain.

Why is securing a website difficult ?

There is a lot of activity that happens before a browser can determine that the website name that your client types at the address bar should land up in your website. There are a gears that need to turn correctly under the covers and there are dials that need to be configured properly before websites and emails start working.

Security can never be a after though because there are hackers who are constantly scanning websites to check for vulnerabilities and bad security policies so that they can take over the website for malicious activity. We need to make sure that your platform is kept secure from day one by tracking all the security holes and vulnerabilities in the wild.

WordPress powers your Website


Wordpress powers the Website Engine

WordPress is, by far, the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS) and is used by approximately 75 million websites across the world

The Latest Software stacks run your WordPress

Handpicked and well tested linux packages are used to build your WordPress installation, thus providing a Up-to-date, Secure and Optimized Solution

Divi powers the Website Design

Divi theme, which costs $89, is considered to be one of the most flexible WordPress Theme and includes the Visual Page Builder

Cutting Edge Technology

Ready to scale when you need to

Even if you start small, the infrastructure allows you to grow and scale very easily when your business grows. It is possible to upgrade your servers to a higher capacity very quickly

Offsite Backups

A Backup solution is completely useless if it is done to the same same machine as the original data. It is also unsafe to use the same service provider and location. So all our backups are securely encrypted and stored in a completely different physical location on the cloud.

Reliability Inside Out

With Linux and Ubuntu as your platform, you get a reliable global computing infrastructure, the virtual backbone of millions of online business for over a decade